The Swan Project Singapore

The Swan Project Singapore is a movement that aims to promote understanding and awareness of transgender individuals in Singapore by providing information, telling stories, support opportunities, and dismantling misconceptions about transgender people. Empowering both transgender people and society at large through awareness, support, engagement and action, we aim to do our bit to create cultural and systemic change for the better.

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Background Information: Get to know the history of the transgender community in Singapore.
FAQ: Familiarise yourself with some terms and concepts.
Find Support: Check out some support groups to find like-minded people with similar concerns.
Research Process: Trace the research process and findings of our interviews with the trans community.
Campaign Updates
Keep up with the updates of our campaign JIA and explore how you can help.
Learn some of the major issues that transpeople face in these articles about their everyday experiences in Singapore, as well as some helpful links and graphics.

Read some stories personally penned by Singaporean transpeople for their unique perspectives.